Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Occupational
Safety & Health
In Switzerland

Save costs and improve health and safety at work with the help of artificial intelligence.

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Challenges workforce face while applying safety guidelines

Switzerland spends an average CHF 10 Bn each year on ensuring occupational health and safety. Despite all the guidelines, regulations, concepts and systems in place, employees often find it challenging to implement them due to the following barriers and specific examples:


What Stops You From Improving Your Safety At Work


Current manual process to answer safety related Questions is highly inefficient as work force repeatedly must go through hundreds of documents to find answers.


Professionals are often unable to find the most suitable solution/expert accordingly to skills, knowledge, and experience in a specific area.


For every 250 employees, at least one occupational health & safety professional is required to maintain standards; such resources are expensive and scarce in Switzerland.

Slow Digital

While rest of the business processes and operations are getting digitalized, occupational safety and health digital tools are yet to be fully integrated for an end-to-end digital transformation.

Our AI based Occupational Safety & Health
Assistant (OSHA)
helps you with

Up to


Cost reduction in OSH Q&A resources

Up to


Cost reduction on OSH services

Up to


Making work a safer place to work

A full-suite digital tools powered by artificial intelligence to manage your organization’s occupational safety and health









OSH Assistant

Say good bye to endless discussions and hours trying to find a solution to your occupational safety and health issue. Chat and take decisions based on facts and sound researches.


OSH Services

The recommendation engine of OSHA will immediately find the most relevant service providers to your needs, proximity and according to their availability for you to take immediate actions.

How does it work?

Your Journey with our Occupational Safety & Health Assistant (OSHA)

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    Onboard OSHA

    Easy and seamless integration

    OSHA comes as a fully trained plug and play solution to deliver value to your business from Day 1. Additionally, it can be integrated with your company data and systems to deliver highly relevant outcomes for your organisation. 3-4 weeks, it is all we need during which we run a quick analysis to understand your current needs and situation, configure the right tools, integrations and train your representatives on the usage.

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    Use OSHA for Q&A

    24/7 available to provide you with the best answers

    Quickly access the virtual assistant from any device or even via WhatsApp if you are in the field. This way, we ensure that all members of your company have access to immediate answers anytime, anywhere. OSHA becomes your virtual occupational health and safety manager for your business.

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    Order Services

    Extensive Service Partner Network

    OSHA is a one-stop-shop solution for all your occupational safety and health needs. We work with the best partners in Switzerland to deliver services beyond the scope of a virtual assistant. The recommendation engine of OSHA will immediately find the most relevant service providers to your needs, proximity and according to their availability for you to take immediate actions. Additionally, OSHA is able to get you these services at a good discount, unavailable elsewhere.

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    Track & Optimize

    Automated analysis and reporting

    Receive on-demand reports generated by OSHA containing a comprehensive analysis of the safety and health related topics, trends, challenges, services etc. at your organisation to help you remain informed and take timely action, resulting in a safer workplace. Data remains confidential at all times and the analysis is presented at an aggregated level.

Ready to empower your Occupational Safety & Health with Artificial Intelligence?

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