About Us

How it started

Charles Guinand, CEO of SafEcho is an occupational safety and health specialist, a Chemical engineer by education at EPFL. His career has been dedicated to make workplaces safer in Switzerland.

Having spent thousands of hours answering occupational safety, health, and environment related questions, and first-hand experiencing inefficiencies, inaccuracies and other issues in allocating right experts to a given case, he turned towards technology for improving the status quo. Soon he found out there was no appropriate solution in the market that would meet his expectation - therefore he decided to create one!

With a spirit to learn new things and challenge oneself, Charles acquired knowledge and skills to develop artificial intelligence solutions while perfecting the idea of SafEcho over a period of 2 years of intense iterations.

Today he is proud to see SafEcho as a leading digital solution made in Switzerland to deliver sustainable impact at enterprises and make work a safer place.

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What we do


We strive to eliminate all possible human suffering and economic losses for businesses due to lack of occupational safety, health and environment related information, tools & technologies.


Use cutting edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence to support efficient, cost effective and easy adoption of occupational safety, health and environment related regulations, guidelines, system, and frameworks at enterprises in Switzerland.


Become an end-to-end full-suite solution provider for occupational safety, health and environment to enterprises in Switzerland.

What we stand for


AI for good

Artificial Intelligence is a powerful piece of the 21st century technology. We pledge to deploy it for the greater good of humanity and remain focused in our work on shaping products and services that do not benefit a person on another persons’ loss.


Serve our customer

Our customers are truly at the center of every fractal of SafEcho. We burn the midnight oil in coming up with ideas and working towards serving our customers better in solving their problems, providing quality, and learning each day.


Improving workplace experience

Unless workplaces are made perfectly safe, minimizing errors to near zero, while offering a healthy and constructive work environment, we will continue to push ourselves as it can change and save lives.


Continuous Innovation

We are constantly striving to be better, whether that’s through improving our products, services, customer relationship and finding new and innovative ways to serve our customers.

Our Team


Charles Guinand

CEO/CTO & Co-Founder


Ankit Garg

CCO & Co-Founder


Tamila Mamysheva

Project Manager Associate


Giacomo Iorio

Business Development Associate


Oumaima Al Quo

Marketing & Comm Associate


Jan Štihec

Data Scientist


Iyobosa Evbayowieru

Data Scientist

Our IT Team


Berenika Pieron

Project Manager


Ula Gubala

UI/UX Designer


Szymon Cader

Back End Developer


Łukasz Chojnacki

Back End Developer


Karol Kosek

Front End Developer


Kamil Partyka

Front End Developer

Our Advisor


Thierry Meyer

Head Of Chemical & Physical Safety Unit At EPFL

Our Partners

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